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  • February 3, 2013
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In 2012 Staffordshire University launched a bold new initiative. The Staffordshire Graduate Promise was a commitment that every single Staffs’ degree course now delivered, not just academic knowledge, but also a specific set of real-world skills, attitudes and attributes that would prepare every student for any graduate-level job.

It was a complicated message. And with more people questioning the relevance of HE, it was also one that was important to get right - and to get in front of the right people. Prospective students weren’t the only target here, employers and businesses needed to understand that The Staffordshire Graduate Promise was for them too.

So as well as working to make the Promise engaging and digestible, we also needed to present it in an interesting way. We opted for a short online film featuring kinetic typography. And to drive people to it, we developed a distinctive style that worked across TV advertising, full-page press ads, radio and cinema commercials and a range of digital media.

Usually here we’d quote results. But The Staffordshire Graduate is an ongoing campaign that has influenced almost every single undergraduate communication since its launch - from recruitment advertising and CRM mailers and emails to, most recently, radio and digital advertising for Clearing.

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