Plain English is a straight-talking, full-service advertising agency.

We like to use creative ideas to solve business problems. We’re big fans of keeping it simple.

We always aim to be as open and direct as possible. We’d love to hear from you.




We’re a creative advertising agency. That doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone. To us it means being available to help you to shape, mould or shine a light on your brand or product with fresh and compelling ideas. We can draw on our expertise to produce arresting visuals, hard-hitting copy and beautiful design and in all kinds of media. And we can manage the process all the way through too. These are the kinds of things we do.



Strategy, insight and ideas to arrest, announce, seduce, inspire, excite, inform, promise and deliver in all kinds of advertising media, from press and outdoor to radio and TV.



We’re not afraid to get into the details. Whether that means capturing the intricacies of your product with some striking photography or explaining them in engaging copy, we’ll do it in brochures, in leaflets, and with a style that resonates with your audience.



Digital isn’t a whole other world. It’s just another media channel. And it’s one in which we’re perfectly comfortable flexing our creativity. We can design and create websites, manage your social strategy and flawlessly execute ideas that bring life your campaigns and your messages.


POS & Display

Our job is to attract the right kind of attention so people consider your brand, product or message. We can do that in all kinds of environments - including the retail environment, where it’s notoriously tough.



We don’t just have the ideas, we also take care of the details that bring them to life. We can arrange castings, book locations, models and photographers, manage shoots, organise retouching and manage print. In fact everything from concept to completion.







We believe in simplicity. We believe that simple communications - those that leave your audience in no doubt about what you stand for - are always the most engaging. And engaging, exciting and motivating your customers means everything to us.

Of course, simple isn’t easy. It means getting to grips with complicated information and ideas to gain a deeper understanding of your business and your brand. But that’s ok. We’re not afraid of hard work. Because complicated is the enemy of compelling. And we know which side we’re on.



Simplicity is also at the heart of how we do business. We started Plain English with one simple intention: to be as honest, open and direct as possible. In our work, with our clients, and with ourselves.

We don’t complicate our relationships with unnecessary people and procedures. We just bring big-agency experience together with the flexibility, tenacity and simplicity of a small one. It means you deal directly with the people directly involved with your business. Which is the best way to get to the bottom of what you need. And it means your success and ours are much more closely linked. Which is all the motivation we need to tell you exactly what we think.






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